Working At weWow And Living In Valencia! David Shares His Experiences

September 30, 2021

David (22), from the Netherlands, has been a part of the weWow team in Valencia since March 2021. The Boutique Customer Experience company, weWow, officially went live in January 2021. David shares in this blogs why he chose for weWow and what it is like in the office.

Working At weWow And Living In Valencia! David Shares His Experiences

Davids Reason For Joining weWow

David was thinking of moving to Spain to develop his Spanish skills. He asked his friends and family what they think of it. “The reactions of my family and friends were extremely motivating.” 
While he was job searching, he got a job offer at weWow, and he took it with open arms. “I find it interesting to be able to watch and experience how a company grows and develops from the start,” says David. 
His friends are now often visiting him in Valencia, since David arrived here.

“I find it interesting to be able to watch and experience how a company grows and develops”

After taking some time to enjoy the beautiful weather and city, it was time for some paperwork. In Spain, you need to attain your NIE-number once you start working and living here. It’s your personal identification number, necessary for paying your taxes, getting property, or sometimes even for signing up for a gym-membership. Then, you need to get a SIP card in case you need medical help. From the moment David started working for weWow, he was enrolled in the Spanish healthcare system. 

New office opening

In The Office

David gets a sense of a family feeling in the office of weWow. Having a good time with your co-workers is very important for David. Along with his colleagues, he is laughing every day. In the evenings and his days off, David spends also time with his colleagues, since they all became close friends.

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Not only his co-workers but also the customers is what it makes it fun to work here. “You often experience joy and funny things while having the nice conversations with customers”, says David.“I have worked for many companies, but nowhere have I seen such a great emphasis on the culture as here at weWow. A lot is being done to make the work environment fun and comfortable for us.” The culture is what makes weWow unique from other companies. In David's opinion, we are good at our job because we enjoy being here.

Tip For When You’re In Valencia

Besides the many restaurants recommendations David has, is the ultimate tip to visit Port Saplaya also known as Little Venice. “Just in front of this place there is a beautiful part of the beach with bright water. This is by-far my favourite place. It’s quiet and there are some nice places for food and drinks.”

Would you like to join the weWow family and become a colleague of David's in Valencia? We might have THE opportunity for you available, just around the corner. Take a quick look, and hopefully we'll talk to you soon!

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