“Here, we are all just friends and family”

September 30, 2021

weWow started in January 2021. David (22), from the Dutch city Eindhoven, is since March 2021 part of the team in the sunniest city of Spain, Valencia. When David joined in March, the team of weWow existed out of ten people. In the meantime, the team has grown to over eighty people and a brand-new office just for weWow. “It’s super nice to see the company grow”, is what David said.

“Here, we are all just friends and family”
I chose Valencia, because it seemed like a beautiful city to me. 

The step to Spain

Like many others, David’s plans were cancelled by the necessary lockdowns. He was studying in the Netherlands to become a Spanish teacher. The internships were cancelled, and the school got closed over and over again. 
It was at this moment that David decided to start his adventure in the most beautiful city of Spain, to develop his Spanish skills. “This is the best moment for me to do something like this. I’m going to regret it if I don’t do it. I would like to speak at a certain level in Spain to start a business in South America.”, David tells. “I chose Valencia, because it seemed like a beautiful city to me.” 

At first, David says, the plan was to work in Mexico at a coral reef. He applied for a vacancy at Yobbers. Unfortunately this plan also got cancelled because there were no flights to South America anymore. But then David got a call from Yobbers with an offering for another job. “This sounded interesting to me. I visited my friends and family to ask how they feel about it. I had just one week to decide if I was taking the job or not.”

“Everyone was encouraging me to go and promising that they will visit me.” 

The reactions of my family and friends were very motivating, says David in the interview. His friends already visited him three times. “It was super cool to be that stimulated from home to take the step to Spain.”

He’s going back to visit his family in the Netherlands for one week after six months of not seeing them. He is telling me that his mother is really missing him a lot. He’s the first child who left the house. “I don’t have to try to not respond to her messages. She will call me and ask if I’m still alive if she isn’t hearing anything from me.”
He says that he is really looking forward to going home again. “I miss my dog a lot, haha.”

Moving to Spain

David got the call for the job on Thursday, and by Saturday he was already in Valencia to start the next Monday at weWow. This shows how ‘hands on’, motivated and enthusiast David is and that’s why he fits perfectly in the weWow team. 
David said that he normally is a bit unstructured, but for this move he wanted to arrange all the big and basic things before leaving the Netherlands. “I was still living in Eindhoven and I wanted to deregister before I moved to Spain. I had no idea how long I was going to stay in Spain and I didn't want to worry about it any more here in Spain", he explains. Surprisingly it was really easy and fixed within one day. 

When arrived he was immediately introduced to the perfect climate in Valencia. Then, some paperwork was needed as well. You need, for example, your NIE if you want to work somewhere. Or a SIP Card if you need medical help. Civil servants take a lot more time to do their work than they do in the Netherlands. “As long as you are not expecting the same process, it’s not that bad. I stayed calm, and eventually it turned out fine. 

Living in Valencia

David was telling me that he is very independent back at home. He has a sense of responsibility, because he is the oldest child back home. He loves to cook for his sisters and brothers. His mother taught him everything, for example, washing and ironing clothes. The step to Valencia makes you very mature, David says.

Despite that David is managing pretty well, he has to say that he’s really appreciating his parents more than ever. Especially when he comes home exhausted and has to do house holding tasks. For cooking, he has his ritual. “Cooking is a moment for myself. I play some nice music and get a delicious recipe to make. The reward is your course and that you’re learning how to cook. 
However, David is not cooking every day. Going out for food is tasty and cheap. The number of nice, cozy and pretty spots to eat in Valencia is endless. Most of the time, you have your belly full within ten euros. You have the delicious tapas, traditional paella and types of sushi you never tried before. 

David lived the first months in an Airbnb. We recommend it to everyone. In this way you’re able to see the rooms/apartments first before you sign a contract. You’ve all the time to figure out where you want to live. “It was fine in the Airbnb, however I missed the feeling of home.” You can’t choose who you get to live with in an Airbnb. Sometimes you have people you don’t get along with. An apartment all for yourself is hard to find. A lot of people fall in love within the city, the climate and the culture. That’s why a lot of people want to live in Valencia.

Most people share a big apartment with multiple people. It saves you some costs, and it is very fun. A lot of people become friends for life. “My colleagues were looking for a house together, and I was looking for that ‘home-feeling’. It was a whole challenge to find something you all love. Eventually we found it and I would never regret this decision. We have a nice spot, the same opinions and fun with each other. Outside of work we have a lot of different things for ourselves”, told David. 

Valencia itself

One of his favorite spots where he often goes is the colorful ‘Little Venice’ at one of the most beautiful beaches of Valencia. Together with his colleagues he uses this place for the end destination from their run.

“Just before this place there is a beautiful part of the beach where it’s relaxing. The sea here is very bright. This is my favorite place. It’s quiet and there are some nice places for food and drinks. I like to reload my social battery here.”

Colleagues of weWow do hang out together quite often after work, too. For example dancing together in the coolest clubs of Valencia, doing trips in the most beautiful places around Valencia and playing sports together in the Turia park.

Besides Little Venice are Barcelo, a sky lounge bar, and the museum of ceramics also on the list of favorite things in Valencia for David. As a real food lover, David has a lot of favorite restaurants. One of them is called Indian Garden. “My first time eating here was a whole new experience for my taste buds.”

“Going out for food is very tasting and cheap” 

“I have eaten the best paella I’ve ever tasted.” What many people don’t know is that Paella originally came from Valencia. The traditional one is with rabbit and chicken, but you have many more sorts of paellas. You can try this original rice dish all over Valencia. The most common way to eat it is by sharing it with your table out of the big pan.
“I’ve tried chips from fish skin for the first time here in Valencia. I didn’t like this at all.”

Alicante is one of the major cities that you should definitely visit around Valencia. This is what David really wants to visit. Alicante has many beautiful beaches and castles. 

Especially on his bucket list are many restaurants. When you are in Valencia you should definitely try many different ones. The differences in the restaurants range from starred restaurants in Russafa to the cozy bars in the narrow streets of El Carmen. He is thinking about starting a food blog for himself. Together with his new GoPro, he likes to take photos and videos. He definitely wants to do more with this.


weWow initially attracted me mainly because it is a new company. I find it interesting to be able to watch and experience how a company develops from the start,” says David. David says that his welcome in the company was very good.
It immediately felt like home. “This was very soothing for me, because you're going to start in another country. If you immediately feel at home, then a big burden is lifted off your shoulders.”
This was a moment when he could immediately settle in the company and in Spain. “Everyone is super helpful. I've never been told 'no' when I ask for something.”

“If there is room to joke or to have fun, then the opportunity will be seized”

In the interview, he was asked how he would describe the culture of weWow. The first thing he immediately said was 'Family'. "We're all just friends and family here." The words flexible, spontaneous and energetic also came up. He concluded with 'innovative'. “I've worked for many companies, but nowhere have I seen such a great importance for the culture as here. A lot is really being done to make it comfortable for us.”
The culture is what makes weWow unique from other companies. We have a special team that focuses purely on organizing fun things for the team such as Spanish lessons, a boat party and fun Friday afternoon drinks.

When asked what makes him enthusiastic about coming to work every day, he immediately said 'the team'. We have something to laugh about every day, he says. According to him, it has never happened not to have laughed for a day here. “If there is room to joke or to have fun, then the opportunity will be seized. That freedom also exists in the workplace. As long as it is possible within limits, it is completely fine.” 

The weWow office is expressly divided into islands instead of rows for fun. “I recently had a normal conversation with a customer and suddenly she started cheering very loudly. I had no idea what was going on and tried to carry on normally. Later I let colleagues listen to this again and they couldn’t stop laughing about it all week.” “You often experience fun and funny things with customers. You often just have nice conversations with them,” says David.

Recently, for example, a woman called David purely to ask what kind of company it is that he works for at weWow. He also recently received a recipe from a customer, because the customer was so happy with his help. 
Another colleague even received a whole package in the office in Valencia with packages containing tasty things from the Netherlands. The customer was so grateful with the help from customer service at weWow. 

We also receive many enthusiastic reviews about our unique approach to customer contact. David says, “A lot of people are also happy with the customer service. They don't like what happens when they call customer service, but they really like how we speak to them." He tells the customers who are less pleasant to stay very calm. This also calms the customer.

It's also not personal and you can't even do anything about many things as customer service. Your job is to speak to the people. “You always win when you keep your head cool,” he says. In David's opinion, we are good at our job because we enjoy being here. “Even if you don't feel like it sometimes. When you go, you know that you always leave with a smile. That's why everyone here is so helpful and a good listener on the phone. We are also here with a good attitude from within ourselves”, says David.

Would you like to join the weWow family and become a colleague of David's? Have you always dreamed of living in a Spanish city like Valencia?

We have several vacancies. Maybe the perfect job for you is among them. Take a quick look and hopefully we'll talk to you soon.

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