Let Amandine Inspire And Excite You With Her Story

November 30, 2021

We want to invite you to get to know one of our French-speaking Customer Experience Specialists, Amandine (24). This cheerful weWow’er from Liege, Belgium, joined the weWow team in the summer of 2021. Not only does she share her experiences at weWow, but she also shares a personal tip about her favourite activity in Valencia!

Let Amandine Inspire And Excite You With Her Story

The Reason For Joining The Company

Amandine had been living in Valencia for a couple of months, teaching French, when she came across a job offer of weWow. “I received a really fast response on my application with the invitation for an interview!” she says enthusiastically.

This fast reply and invitation are how the WOW story with weWow and Amandine begins. At weWow, we are always happy with new applications, and we cannot wait to meet the new candidates who are excited to strengthen our team. That is why you don’t have to wait long to hear from us after applying for a job. 

Amandine immediately had a good feeling about weWow, and that feeling was mutual. 
She says: “One of the reasons I chose for weWow is the fact that I can be myself. I can wear my pink shoes, make suggestions on how to implement change, and we are all focusing on the good things. In my previous jobs, I wasn’t necessarily excited to go to work every day. Here, I don’t mind going to work; I felt that I belonged at weWow from the first day.”

New office opening

In The Office Of weWow

“The atmosphere in the office is super chill, friendly, and open-minded. You can talk about everything, whether it’s work-related or not. We come from all over the world with different studies and backgrounds. You have so many people with diverse experiences, which brings us closer together, creating a strong bond. I have often laughed so hard with my colleagues that I started crying. These moments are the best for me and make this experience so special.”

Amandine says that she loves to work at the office. “I’m so happy to enjoy the little things together. I could not miss that for my pyjamas at home.” 

“weWow recruits people that are looking to start an adventure abroad. The team consists of enthusiastic and motivated people. weWow provides good jobs where you can grow and where you have an open atmosphere,” Amandine said. weWow is always looking for brave and adventurous people who are ready to develop themselves and take the next step with us.

It’s hard to leave everything behind. Most people come by themselves and leave their friends and family behind.
“It is comforting to know that the company is here for you, especially while taking this big step.”, adds Amandine.

"I felt that I belonged at weWow from the first day”

Tip For When You’re In Valencia

Apart from siestas on her days off, she has a lot of other things she likes to do in Valencia. One of them is going to the beach. Not to lay on the sand, but to visit bars and have a drink (or two). 

“I love Mercabañal, for example. It’s an open market where you have different restaurants in the same place. You can go and pick some food from every culture. It’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I’m not feeling like cooking.”

Does Amandine’s tip excite you even more to visit Valencia? And did you like Amandine’s story about weWow? Start this adventure yourself and come join us! We might have the opportunity where you were looking for. Find here the dream job which is waiting for you!

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