Waves of Fun: Recap of weWow's End of the Summer Beach Party

Waves of Fun: Recap of weWow's End of the Summer Beach Party

Summer may be drawing to a close, but at weWow, we made sure to farewell it in style with our unforgettable "End of the Summer Beach Party." Held under the golden sun of Valencia it was filled with laughter, great music and the sound of waves. 

The evening kicked off with a volleyball tournament that had our teams spiking, diving, and rallying for victory. Among the spirited teams were: 

- “Rocket Power” Our silver medalists showed incredible teamwork and sportsmanship, leaving their mark on the tournament.

- “Sandy Cheeks” - Brought their A-game to the beach, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm throughout the competition.

- “Spikeal Jordan” - With a name like that, they were destined to dominate the court with their impressive spikes and serves.

- “Bump it(louder)” - These players certainly lived up to their name, creating waves of excitement with their powerful bumps and loud cheers.

Beach parties are synonymous with delicious food and refreshing drinks. So later we moved to a beach bar and as the sun began to set, weWowers were dancing and enjoying the night.

As we transition into the fall season, weWow is already planning exciting new adventures and initiatives. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events as we continue to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and fun that defines our company culture.

Until next time, let's ride the waves of success and enjoyment together!

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