Tim His Experiences on moving to Valencia

March 22, 2022

Meet Tim from Germany, who joined weWow in November 2021 and is working as a customer experience specialist for Uqonic Chefs. In this blog, he will talk about his reason to join weWow, how it is to work at weWow, and last but not least, his tip about Valencia!

Tim His Experiences on moving to Valencia

Tim’s reason to join weWow

Tim lived in Barcelona during a part of his study, where he experienced the feeling of living in Spain. Since he left, he always wanted to go back to live in Spain because of the weather, the Spanish culture, and to learn Spanish “which has been a dream of mine for a long time”.

Tim’s adventure began by the feeling that he needed change in his life. “I was at a point in my life where I got the feeling that I was stuck. Since I don’t like the feeling of being stuck, I started looking for a change. I wanted to have a once in a lifetime experience where I could work on becoming the best version of myself.” 

For this reason, Tim started searching for a German-speaking job in Spain and preferably Valencia. “My best friend used to live in Valencia and I visited him a couple of times when I came to a point where I really fell in love with the city. The thing I like the most about the city is that everything seems to be really close. You can reach many places just by walking there. For example, bars, restaurants, the gym, and the park are easy to reach from my house.”

“The big city life combined with nature is the reason Valencia is so special”

“While searching for a job online, I came across weWow. I checked the website and it seemed like a nice place to work”. Tim finds it really important to have a great work environment where you are surrounded by like-minded people from different backgrounds. For Tim, weWow is that place. 

Working at weWow

Working at weWow is fun! “The family feeling is something mentioned by everyone, but it’s really there!” says Tim enthusiastically. Another thing that Tim mentions multiple times is that he really likes that no one feels better than someone else. “There is no strict hierarchy within the company.”

Another important thing to mention according to Tim is that the people at weWow really do care about your personal life. “If you go through some tougher times, or if you’re experiencing an off day, people are always open to talk about it and help you where possible.”

Making friends

“Everyone moved to Valencia and joined weWow for the same reason/goal, so people understand each other very well. Besides working together, you also really make new friends and meet them after work to do fun stuff. For example, I often go to the gym with a colleague after work or spend the weekend at the beach with some colleagues who became close friends. I also really like that there is a daily lunch provided by weWow. Besides that, you can always grab a good coffee, some fruits/snacks and even breakfast!”

Tim’s tip about Valencia

“Volterata Bali is definitely my favorite place to go in the city if we talk about restaurants. I’ve never seen a place like this in such a big city! The vibe there is amazing.” 

Another bonus tip is to rent a bike and explore the city. The Turia park is especially nice to explore by bike because every part of the park has a different style. And the city is bicycle friendly, which makes it really easy and fast to move around the city.

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