Scaling technology: Dixa x weWoW

March 16, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that we closed a strategic partnership with Danish-based Dixa, the world-leader in conversational commerce. Dixa is one of Europe’s fastest growing scale-ups and a true advocate of great customer experience.

Scaling technology: Dixa x weWoW

By working closely together, both Dixa and weWow are bundling strengths to unlock further growth and serve both customers in their needs. Many of the weWow partners are looking for technology that can scale their business and which provide omnichannel customer service solutions. The other way around, many of Dixa’s partners are looking for scalable customer service solutions tailored to their brand and close to their values. 

Together with Dixa, we’re setting up a new “CX LAB” in our HQ in Valencia to test, validate and improve our services. We’re very happy to close this partnership with our like-minded friends from Denmark, and we’re looking forward to our cooperation.

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