The First Week At weWow For Rachele!

What is it like to start working at weWow as a Rookie? Meet the Italian Rachele, who tells you all about it! She shares her journey, from her first introduction to weWow to working full-time at the company.

The First Week At weWow For Rachele!

Rachele's Reason  For Joining weWow

The first introduction of weWow to Rachele was a vacancy on social media, where they were looking for an Italian speaker. “The offer seemed interesting. I looked up for weWow on LinkedIn and the website to find out what the company really is”, says Rachele.

“It looked good to me. It was an international environment, and it seemed appealing to work for. The website looked very professional.” The bright yellow, that is part of weWow’s brand colours, really caught Rachele’s attention!

The main reason Rachele applied to weWow, was the international environment with different nationalities. Rachele loves to travel, and whenever she returned home, she would miss meeting new people from all over the world. Rachele tells; “I wanted to keep that feeling off different cultures and languages. I found it here, and it feels wonderful”.

“I wanted to keep that feeling off different cultures and languages. I found it here, and it feels wonderful”.

Working At weWow

Rachele passed the training test at the end of her first week! To celebrate this with her new colleagues, she joined the Friday night drinks for the first time! “It’s a good way to get to know all the people”, Rachele tells enthusiastically.  

A tip she wants to give for all the people who will start after her is; keep notes while you’re doing the training. This way, you will remember everything good for when you actually start working and will it save some time for you. weWow is a fast-paced, fast-growing start-up. Take the time needed during training to go through the systems, ask questions, etc. Once you start, the days just fly by!
In addition to Italian, Rachele also speaks English. However, she is happy she can start working in her native language! For now, her goal is to get more comfortable providing customer care in English. 

“I think weWow is a great company, I like my job and I feel good working here”, says Rachele. She enjoys that we are a young company as well. Rachele works at weWow for Otrium. She feels aligned with Otrium’s mission that all the clothing needs to be worn. “I think this is excellent for the environment. So for me, it’s really the concept of Otrium”, adds Rachele.

Kick off in Valencia

Tip For When You’re In Valencia

“One of my favourite things to do in Valencia is enjoying the garden, the Turia. Either I rent a bike or I just walk through it. I love this”, shares Rachele. On one end of the Turia park is Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, also known as the city of sciences. This is one of the favourite places Rachele loves to visit as well in the city.

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