Meet our Brand New partner, Virtuagym!

October 25, 2021

Don't know anything about Virtuagym yet? You probably know one of the 9,000 companies that have chosen Virtuagym's products and services, such as: Basic-Fit, Nestlé and Mrs Sporty. Does that ring a bell? If not, don't worry. After reading this article you will know everything about Virtuagym, weWow, and the exciting new collaboration.

Meet our Brand New partner, Virtuagym!

weWow x Virtuagym

We are proud to announce that Virtuagym has become an official partner of weWow. Virtuagym is our first partner that focuses entirely on sports and offering SaaS solutions. SaaS stands for 'Software as a Service', self-explanatory offering software as a service.

The collaboration not only brings a unique addition to our partnerships, but it also brings a lot of innovation. New technologies, new customer cases, and new working methods.

Also interested in a partnership? Contact us for an enjoyable conversation about the possibilities.

What is Virtuagym?

Virtuagym is a provider of sports and health software. In 2012, the two brothers Paul and Hugo Braam launched the first Virtuagym solutions for professionals. Their company has since grown to become a leader in digital fitness coaching in Management. 

The team is growing fast and currently consists of approximately 200 people. weWow will support the company in its (international) growth with boutique customer service. The software is aimed at personal trainers, fitness centers and studios, among others. Virtuagym offers various coaching and management solutions in the form of apps and platforms

The solutions are endless and can range from membership management tools to creating nutritional plans

Caring is one of Virtuagym's main priorities. An excellent customer service team cannot be missed here. The customer is number one for both Virtuagym, and our agents. With this shared philosophy, the best is obtained during every customer contact.

The agents of Virtuagym

For our new partner, our recruiters started to find the best suitable agents. We think it is important that people fit in well with the company and vice versa.

On September 6, 2021, the first two agents were welcomed at weWow and Virtuagym. Justus and Dominik, both German-natives, have explored many different countries and cultures throughout the years. 

The day started with an introduction from weWow, and last but not least, Valencia. The agents were sent to discover the beautiful and famous buildings, to cross the large Turia park, and to drink the typical Valencian Horchata. After two weeks we asked the agents, Justus and Dominik, how they experienced the Kick Off and the collaboration with Virtuagym and weWow.


“Until now I have experienced the start at weWow and Virtuagym as very pleasant. I started two weeks ago at both companies and from that moment on, I immediately dived into the new experiences. In the beginning it was quite overwhelming. The training contains a lot of information that we all still have to learn, but little by little I am starting to understand more.”

“We are very fortunate that we can count on support from both weWow and Virtuagym throughout the onboarding process. Both companies have made us feel very welcome and also indicate that we can come to them if we need help with anything.”

“I really enjoy the open setting myself. It encourages people to approach each other. I also think it's definitely a big advantage for us, because we're still learning a lot. All in all I am very happy to be part of two fun and open teams and I am looking forward to my time here!


“Valencia is a great city, that's for sure. After studying here for a year for my Master’s degree, I knew I had to come back.”

“To be honest, I didn't know what to expect at all when I returned to Valencia to work for weWow. A company that offers consultancy and resources to scale-up organizations to start a Customer Service team was a new and interesting concept to me. A lot of questions were going around in my head. Will there be difficulties when working between two companies? Will the onboarding process go smoothly? Who should I go to if I need help?”

“Then, the first week of September had finally come. I was the lucky one to kick off the collaboration between weWow and Virtuagym. The warm welcome from both parties was wonderful! At weWow in Valencia, the whole team was friendly and everyone wanted to help if I had any difficulties or questions. The environment feels familiar and the team consists of young and motivated people, which makes working much more fun than I was used to. I can't wait to get to know everyone better and to continue doing things together outside of work!”

“While I'm in the Valencian office of weWow, the real work and onboarding is from Virtuagym. weWow has a fine and well-known partner in the sports sector at Virtuagym. I believe that probably every gym owner has had contact with Virtuagym at one point or another.”

“After we received a very warm welcome from everyone in the first days, it turned out that the team is not only very friendly, but also very handy and helpful. I'm actually in constant contact with people who have gone through exactly the same onboarding process as me. That makes it a lot easier for me.”

“Despite it being a tough and complex learning process, I can't wait to learn more about Virtuagym and start working as a Customer Service Consultant for them. Best of all, weWow gives me a chance to live again in this beautiful Spanish city right on the Mediterranean.”


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of who Virtuagym is, what a partnership with weWow looks like, and what the atmosphere is like within the teams. Have you become curious, enthusiastic and interested in the experiences of Justus and Dominik at Virtuagym? Take a look at the website to find out more about working at weWow. 

Feel free to contact us, we are very curious about you!

Thanks for reading and have a WOW day!

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