Quality Assurance is an important extension to Customer Support to ensure the right answer and solution has been provided to your customers, whether it's by people or AI.
Therefor QA will enhance/boost your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We can help you to design a quality framework and/or be your quality assurance partner when it comes to customer service in the broadest sense.

Next to improving your service levels, your customer service agents will be able to improve their skills and they will be inspired.

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together we create solutions that are...

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designed on your quality framework

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focussed on your customer needs

scalable & flexible

close to your values and processes

"Investing into high quality support is a strategic decision, a vital ingredient in your overall growth strategy. At Klaus, we recommend weWow for that very reason - they get the power and importance of efficient and qualitative customer support, even, and especially, for companies that scale fast. They combine advanced technology with a human touch - you can't find a more powerful solution than that."

Lílian Ertel - Partnerships
Klaus and the importance of quality assurance

CS isn’t a one-off thing. You must constantly improve, as the customer’s wants are also changing constantly. But how do you know? How can you find out what the customer is looking for? And how do you know what they don’t care about?

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