How is it to work at weWow as a Spanish person?

April 5, 2022

Meet Andrea, the first Spanish employee at weWow who started in September 2021. “You can’t imagine how excited I was when I heard that I got the job!” says Andrea. In this blog, she will share her experiences about working at weWow. But more specifically, the differences between weWow and a typical Spanish company.

How is it to work at weWow as a Spanish person?

Andrea’s reason to join weWow

Andrea got to know weWow through an expat group on Facebook while she was looking for a nice job in Valencia. “I worked in a lot of different Spanish companies where the bosses are mostly old people who are not open for change. Within these companies, you go to work just to work, but not to have fun in the meantime. So I was looking for a change! Besides that, I did not want to lose my level of English. This job offer was the perfect opportunity for me, so I applied immediately!”

“One of the main reasons why I liked weWow is because I always loved to be surrounded by people from different cultures,” says Andrea, who used to work with people from different backgrounds in England. Besides that, Andrea was impressed by the recruitment process where our recruiters also ask questions about your personal life, interests, and background. “This was something I wasn’t used to at a job interview at all. It made me feel special in a good way.”

“When I was hired I was so happy that I could stay in Valencia because alongside Barcelona this is my favorite city! I like Valencia because it’s open-minded and modern like Barcelona and Madrid, but not as big as those cities.”

Working at weWow as a Spanish person

“I LOVE working at weWow. As I'm 34 years old, I have lots of experience and I worked at many companies across Spain. But weWow is different. Spontaneous, genuine people, and a young culture, are the biggest differences. The thing that I appreciate the most is that I can totally be myself and don’t have to hide any parts of my personality. People are really understandable and respectful about your life.”

Another thing Andrea likes about weWow is that she doesn’t notice the hierarchy within the company. I remember working at different companies where my boss was really my boss. “Within weWow, people are always asking for feedback to improve different processes or the way they fill in a certain position, which I find a good thing as well”, according to Andrea.

The thing that I appreciate the most is that I can totally be myself and don’t have to hide any parts of my personality

Besides work, weWow offers a lot of different activities you can join. Every Wednesday afternoon there is a boot camp by a personal trainer. Every once in a while we have cool team events such as rafting or a boat party. There are weekly meditation classes, and last but not least, we do Friday night drinks, which are organized every week (and sometimes turn into a little party). 

Your tip about Valencia

“This might be very standard but Orxata is definitely one of my tips to try out!” Orxata is a typical Spanish drink from Valencia made of groundnuts (or tiger nuts), water and sugar. “You can find the best Orxata at Horchatería Santa Catalina”

Another tip that Andrea got is for gluten-free people. There is a pizzeria called Interno Mediterraneo with gluten-free pizza!

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